By Sybil Bartel

  • Release Date: 2019-09-09
  • Genre: Contemporary
Score: 4.5
From 255 Ratings




Silent Observer.

Life was in the details. The weight of a government issued rifle, the trajectory of a bullet, the speed of the wind—those details were crucial in the Marines. But outside the military, that level of observation was currency, and I was selling my skills to the best security firm in south Florida.

Except I wasn't on a job when I noticed the nervous brunette pushing through the crowded street. Her hair loose, her shirt borrowed, she stumbled in too-big shoes before looking over her shoulder. I didn't follow her glance. I didn't have to. I'd already spotted the muscle after her. The question was if I was going to do anything about it. Before I could decide, her pursuer took aim. It was the wrong move.

Now he was going to find out how callous a bodyguard could be.

CALLOUS is the sixth standalone book in the Alpha Bodyguard Series.

The Alpha Bodyguard Series







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  • Preston and Mercy

    By K.D. N.
    I highly recommend this story however be warned that it is different and not usual in the beginning!! I wanted to quit reading but I’m not a quitter as a rule 😉 I stuck with it and am glad I did!! I also liked that Sybil has blurbs regarding the previous books in the series, I like re-freshing myself with the characters!!
  • Extraordinary. Dominant. Provocative.

    By hockeygirl03
    Extraordinary. Dominant. Provocative. Preston Vos is all three and so much more! Preston and Mercy are sumptuous together! Callous is off the charts steamy, intense and riveting!! Five Sizzling Stars⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
  • Awesome storytelling and fabulous storyline. Preston is everything.

    By Bonnie579
    Holy hotness! This entire book is a waiting game between Mercy and Preston. It will keep you on the edge of your seat. Preston’s character is like no one you have ever read before. He is precise. He counts out everything. He keeps up with everything. He remembers everything. And he is so in love with Mercy that he is almost afraid of his feelings. And Mercy is so in love with him but she’s also frustrated with him 99.9% of the time. He never really says what he means. He only just insinuates it. The anticipation and the waiting for them to finally come together will have your heart beating so fast and you will be crying for them to tell each other I love you. Incredibly intense and incredibly sensual and romantic. I adored this book.
  • Preston and Merc are HOT!!!

    By $4&;&.!.)-&@>.>,£|'
    This hero of Mrs. Bartel’s is one of my favorites. Bartel is one of the best contemporary romance authors out there in my opinion. Callous is full of angst and hot romance. Preston’s mind works a mile-a-minute, but his thoughts always revolve around his friend’s sister, Mercy. Despite the intervention of time and heaps of complications, they come together. Mercy is one of my favorite h’s. My other fave is Ariel. I don’t want to give too much away, but you must read this book. This was one of the most satisfying HEA’s I have ever read. Preston’s character was so very fascinating and Mercy’s ability to empathize with him was wonderful. I was riveted and finished this ARC in one sitting!
  • Recommended

    By Anaxkolasi
    Preston was an interesting hero, he has several quirks that have him standing out from others around him. He met Mercy when he was on leave but circumstances kept them apart for several years. I really liked how Mercy wasn’t taking any crap even though she jumped the gun emotionally a few times. I enjoyed their story and it brought tears to my eyes a couple of times. Sybil Bartel’s heroes are always very alpha, but when they fall they fall hard.
  • 5 Long Awaited Stars

    By itsgoindown_06
    How does Sybil continually outdo herself?! Callous was an amazing read, but different than her other alpha bodyguards. This story is less about Preston being a hero and more about the growth, love, and acceptance between a man and a woman. There is no question that Preston is an alpha man. But there is a tenderness that lingers just below the surface that is beautiful to see. I absolutely loved this book. It pulled at my heart strings and at times hurt my heart. But it got the ending they deserved. 5 LLONG AWAITED STARS FOR CALLOUS!!!
  • Emotional!

    By ~Mindy Lou~
    Intense. Broody. Possessive. Protective. Cold. Calculated. Broken. Emotional. So many feels and they all came from Preston Vos. This author SLAYED me with Preston Vos. I'm honestly in a bit of shock right now. My favorite has always been the Viking and Preston just knocked him down to number 2. I can't believe I just said that. Is it possible to have two equally favorites? I can't let go of the Viking but all I can think about is Preston after what I just read. I haven't read all of Sybil Bartel's books yet, but I'm very close and this is her best book yet! This book took me through so many stages of emotions. It was thrilling and exciting, sad and depressing, emotionally gut wrenching and then just overwhelming love. I honestly didn't want the book to end. Mercy was a great heroine but I'm gonna admit, it's always about the hero for me. She's great, that's all you need to know. No seriously, I did like her as well. I was sad and disappointed in her in the beginning but I actually don't blame her for what happened. And honestly, you learn so much about what these two where thinking later in the book that you really can't be mad at either of them for their start. Another piece to my Preston loving puzzle was seeing him interact with Mercy's son who is deaf. The coldest heart will melt at those two. After everything you learn about Preston's past, it just blows me away how he was with both Mercy and Nash. I loved it.