Harry Potter and the Cursed Child - Parts One and Two: The Official Playscript of the Original West End Production

By J.K. Rowling, John Tiffany & Jack Thorne

  • Release Date: 2017-07-25
  • Genre: Theater
Score: 4.5
From 956 Ratings


The official playscript of the original West End production of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child.

It was always difficult being Harry Potter and it isn't much easier now that he is an overworked employee of the Ministry of Magic, a husband, and father of three school-age children.

While Harry grapples with a past that refuses to stay where it belongs, his youngest son Albus must struggle with the weight of a family legacy he never wanted. As past and present fuse ominously, both father and son learn the uncomfortable truth: sometimes, darkness comes from unexpected places.

The playscript for Harry Potter and the Cursed Child was originally released as a 'special rehearsal edition' alongside the opening of Jack Thorne's play in London's West End in summer 2016. Based on an original story by J.K. Rowling, John Tiffany and Jack Thorne, the play opened to rapturous reviews from theatregoers and critics alike, while the official playscript became an immediate global bestseller.

This definitive and final playscript updates the 'special rehearsal edition' with the conclusive and final dialogue from the play, which has subtly changed since its rehearsals, as well as a conversation piece between director John Tiffany and writer Jack Thorne, who share stories and insights about reading playscripts. This edition also includes useful background information including the Potter family tree and a timeline of events from the Wizarding World prior to the beginning of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child.

Video Review Harry Potter and the Cursed Child - Parts One and Two: The Official Playscript of the Original West End Production - J.K. Rowling, John Tiffany & Jack Thorne


  • It’s was ok

    By Lynnie9000
    I really wish for a audio book this Harry Potter book so I could listen too
  • Sorry to those who liked it

    By Doubletap2008
    Look, I am a huge Harry Potter fan. Harry Potter was my childhood. But even though I hungered for another peek into Harry's adventures after I read the series, I decided that the series should have been done. It was the best series ever, and I loved it, but nothing can last forever. You can't have too much of a good thing, Horace Slughorn quote. And this book was a pathetic excuse to reinvigorate fans. I thought the epilogue at the end of the seventh Harry Potter book was awesome. It covered their children and where they are now. Didn't need more than that. I preferred to leave off the series with Harry's family haply abd peaceful, not diving into another adventure. Long story short: This book was UNNECESSARY and I am surprised J.K. Rowling authorized it. I didn't buy HALF of the stuff they put in the book. It doesn't make sense. We KNEW Voldemort never loved anyone. And suddenly he was upset when Bellatrix died? They had a child? Please. All of the Ministry Time-Turners WEREN'T destroyed? Didn't it EXPRESSLY say in the book that they WERE? Cedric Diggory, a happy, good-boy Hufflepuff turns into a DEATH EATER just out of frustration at not winning a tournament? No. No. Just no. I don't WANT an #8 book, but especially one that CONTRADICTS practically everything in the previous books. That was NOT the Harry Potter, Hermione Granger, Ron Weasley, Ginny, or Draco I knew. Who wrote this book? Did they even read the previous books? Did they just want money?
  • Not Harry Potter

    By Audraaa83
    Bad Fan fiction. The authors aren’t even good fans. They don’t know the characters at all. Why is Harry all uptight and upset about his son being different? Harry lived his entire life as an outsider; you think he’d be empathetic. His disapproving feelings are a constant subject throughout the entire book. Just an example of how lame this story is. Zero depth, zero consistencies. Poorly written. Well, they have my money now and I hope to forget this ever happened.
  • Don’t even bother reading this review; read the book however

    By Electronic_Wolf
    sO— I haven’t even read the book and I’m giving a review anyways. Well then. I honestly don’t get why people are so mad about this book; it was originally a play, therefore it is a script; and it time skips so much because it’s JK Rowling and some other person (I forgot who sorry—) writing this and turning it into a Broadway show, and now a script in form of a book. Guys, I get it. It apparently doesn’t make sense because THIS is made up from theories and fan fictions that YOU GUYS wrote. It’s just put up together in a sequence that actually makes some sense. I know some about this book, (mainly cause of them lame spoiling aliens) and it actually DOES make sense. I get where these people are coming from, though. Apparently you think it’s okay for Bellatrix and Voldemort to be in a relationship, which is already a whole other level of weird, and then you aren’t okay with an even weirder level of them having a daughter? Who knows, maybe the relationship didn’t even happen and Bellatrix just got a serious nosebleed after seeing a “handsome” male version of Nagini- But overall, what I know of it, it’s really good. Would definitely recommend.
  • Not true JK’s work

    By AlteRocK
    It’s never too late JK Rowling to say “just kidding” at the fact you said this is canon. It is simply not a good follow up to your books. Everyone who has read Harry Potter knows that, each book is a mystery novel. And the whole set of 7 books contains a larger mystery that slowly gets unfolded. Sorcerer’s Stone A mystery about who wants to steal the stone. Chamber of Secrets A mystery about who is the heir of Slytherin. Prisoner of Azkaban A mystery of betrayal among Harry’s parent’s friends. Goblet of Fire A mystery of who got Harry into the Goblet of Fire and why. Order of the Phoenix A mystery of Harry’s dreams and what they mean. Half Blood Prince A mystery of who is the man on the potion’s book that has helped Harry immensely. Deathly Hallows A mystery of the significance of the Deathly Hallows and becoming the master of death. The Cursed Son A mystery of why Harry’s son is spoiled? Unsatisfied? And why Harry is cold? A mystery as to why character’s personalities don’t always seem to go along with their original style? I mean 19 years didn’t seem to have taught anything to Harry and everyone else? Malfoy is now more mature and more of an example than Harry? They really wanted to troll fans here with this!
  • Amazing.

    By lentails
    I love it. The book is absolutely amazing. I recommend this book.
  • Thanks JKR

    By 🦄 unicorn honey buns
    This screen play was amazing and I can’t wait to see the play or maybe a movie of it.
  • Like A Horrible Fanfic

    By loradoom
    Save your money. This book is such a disgrace. I get that it’s written as a play. I’m fine with that. The problem is that it was not written by JK Rowling, and the writers clearly have ZERO understanding of the characters they’re attempting to write. They slaughtered the characters, and they have them doing and saying things so out of character it’s disgusting. Harry would never tell Albus he wishes he wasn’t his son, Ron is not a blithering idiot who gives out love potion to his nephew as a gift, Hermione would never be that stupid with the time turner, the trolly witch is not a Terminator who will kill any kid to protect them from trying to escape the Hogwarts Express, and *spoiler alert* Bellatrix could never have had a child! She was never pregnant in the Harry Potter books, especially not in book seven as they try to insinuate, and Voldemort wasn’t human enough to even have the desire to boink! It’s just all such horribly written trash! Any true fan could have written a better fanfic book than this garbage! I will forever pretend this mess does not exist, and I will certainly never accept it as canon.
  • Least favorite (by far)

    By Angered by this App
    People keep commenting on how this book seems like fan fiction. It doesn’t seem like fan fiction - it is. It was not written by JK Rowling. Not a good book. I have no idea how it got 4.3 out of 5 stars. It is such a disappointment compared to the other books in the series.
  • Ehhhhh......

    By ilistentomusic(obviously)
    This is NOT because it’s a script. I just think this story was not well done at all. Bland villain, same old story as the original series, just not compelling at all. This “sequel” did not (no pun intended) capture the same magic as the original series. Please do not make this into a film, I really don’t want to see it. If there is a sequel in development, please make it a different story.